How to Order

For commissioned art, please call me or send me an e-mail.

Ordering Personalized Pets

Each and every pet sculpture I make is entirely custom and personalized, and can take as long as 4-6 weeks to complete. All orders are completed first-come, first-serve basis and as we get closer to the holidays (November & December) I can’t guarantee it in the 6 weeks due to heavy order loads.

The best sculptures usually result from the best information on the pet and its personality, so please describe your pet with as much detail as you can. Ideal photos will display your pet’s face straight on and then a profile of the whole body (both sides if the markings are distinct on either side, and if the tail is cropped or full). Would you like your dog smiling, have a favorite toy in his mouth, sitting, standing, sprawled out funny? Just tell me what you are thinking; you know your pet the best and I’d hate to “make the wrong dog.”


I generally do custom in three sizes Small (9 inch tall by 9 inch deep), medium (12 inch tall by 12 deep) and large (14 plus inch tall by 14 plus inches deep). All sizes vary by breed of pet and position, but in general these sizes hold true.

  • Small- $95
  • Medium- $145
  • Large- $245

DSC02294 19-43-07

If you order two or more pets in the same order I will discount prices by 10%.

Please Note: To ship I charge an additional 15% to cover packaging and shipping costs. I work out drop off and pick ups in the Wasatch Front and Back areas regularly.