About Matt

Artist Statement
A lot of art is just letting out what is inside of us. Some artists paint pain, or freedom, or peace. What was put in, is what comes out. When the artist is honest to the creation inside of him the art is true. The miracle is having the artist speak to someone else through his or her medium.

I was raised on a farm. I had a good life with older teasing brothers and cows and horses and goats. I was raised with 500 acres of freedom with dogs and cats and ducks and chickens and geese. I was raised with morning and afternoon chores and lizards and bunnies and birds to try to catch. My youth was full of a lot of animals and smiles. So you put that stuff into me and you blend it up and hopefully the outcome is joyous pets of Mother Nature and not an animal milkshake.

My sculptures are all one of a kind and hand built with occasional wheel thrown elements. I generally sculpt using the coil method with low and high fire clays, but nothing would stop me from using paper mache, a can of worms and a lovely bit of string if that is what the “happy horse” I was creating needed, in order to be set free from me. My art will always have animals in it and hopefully will always be happy.

I started out making most of my art in an old milk barn that I had converted into my studio. (“converted” means I pushed the cows and their, er, remnants out of the barn). The farm has since been sold and now I convert our home into a studio by pushing the car out of the garage to make a little room for the mud and me to make the magic.

Personal Life

Married  with four children 2, 4, 6, and 8 years old. My wife after years as a nurse decided to live her dream of becoming a doctor and went back to school. When she achieves her dream I will then chase my dream to be a full time artist.